, Dir.

Although Hitchock’s tale of murder and obsession is now hailed as a masterpiece that wasn’t the case when it was first released in 1958, and it’s easy to see why.

Filled with original ideas and bold choices and themes VERTIGO was, for lack of a better term, ahead of its time. Jimmy Stewart plays the film’s central figure, retired detective Scottie Ferguson and his performance is a brilliant mix of contained internal struggle and showy melodrama. Matching Stewart’s crazily perfect and bizarre turn is the gorgeous Kim Novak, who tackles the tricky role of Scottie’s love interest.

The great Saul Bass contributes mesmerizing title sequences along with a trippy dream sequence and Bernard Hermann’s score is beautiful, chilling and timeless. All these things are great, but most of all VERTIGO displays Hitchcock working at the top of his powers. He takes chances and succeeds wildly on all fronts. (R.J. LaForce)

Included on Programmers Top 100